my paintings are meant to be perceived as visual experiences within the body producing visceral responses that relate to the beauties and fears of being mortal. this mortal predicament leaves us with an appreciation of life, created by the shapes, colors and marks within each painting. each work is lead by intuition, trusting that i will leave some evidence of thoughtfulness and understanding of my contemplations.

Born the first son of a self-made seamstress and a technical draftsman in Philadelphia, Doug Oland was encouraged to pursue self-expression and creativity. Attending Stephen F. Austin State University as an undergrad studying Fine Arts allowed Oland to experience many disciplines, honing his talents in sculpture and drawing. Searching for a deeper and uniquely expressive message to his art, Oland pursued a masters degree in Fine Arts at Michigan State University.

Oland has worked in many art related fields, including working as a studio assistant, art teacher, preparator, gallery director and art installer. As a member of the Phoenix art community he has exhibited in several local art spaces such as Holgas, Anti Space, Insane Luck Studios, Studio Lodo, and Art One.



Doug Oland